Health Kit

A health kit integrated with android and web based application which can be maintained as an electronic diary of day to day health data. This will also allow government to integrate people’s health statistics with UID (Aadhaar) card in order to make it easily accessible, authentic and applicable. This health kit includes software, mobile app, and hardware accessories. The accessories allow user to measure and automatically record the health data (such as blood sugar level, blood pressure etc.) to the application. User may wish to store the data online or link it to the Aadhaar.
It is a commonly observed that doctors often find it difficult to recognize the problem due to insufficient medical records. This increases the expenditure of unnecessary checkups and loss of crucial time. This motivated us to think of a user specific maintainable health diary.
The communication gap between doctors and patients health data, unawareness of diseases in initial stages due to lack of data, and unavailability of such user friendly device where one can record health data. E-Aadhaar is still being used just as an identity. It can be more applicable if medical health information is interlinked.
Citizens: India will have around 650 million smart phones and 18.7 million tablets till 2019, out of which most of the market is supposed to be covered by android mobile phone. So proposing a health diary based on these digital gadgets will be a proper solutions. Health insurance companies: Health insurance companies will be more attracted towards the health data so that they can make optimized policies for their customers. Doctors & Hospitals: Doctors & hospitals are the Key customers for this kit as patient’s health data will help them the most. In terms of time saving it’s an excellent solution for doctor and patient both. Fitness enthusiasts: We are projecting this kit as a health diary, so fitness enthusiasts will accept it with full interest to keep track of their health data.
We will talk to doctors and ask them to promote and recommend patients using the application. Doctors will be using our web application to remotely access the data. Tie-ups with NGO’s and general health awareness programs will help target general users. Government will make health benefit schemes to directly promote Adhar-Health linking. E-commerce facilities will also be used for sale of Health-Kit with the various optional accessories.
Apple Health Kit is the only provider but it is not affordable to larger chunk of Indian market. There are various individual providers of measuring instruments (like glucose, blood pressure etc.). In software field, we have few competitors with Android & web based solutions like “Google Fit” which provides utility of tracking calories burnt & “Blood sugar test” which helps tracking the data of blood sugar level. But none of them provide a compact solution for all the general health issues.
Sale of apps, maintenance charge from Indian Government for Adhar linkage, sale of gadgets and accessories, sale of health data.

Health care promotion is needed as India is one of the countries having one of the lowest per capita expenditure on health.