This is a W/laB6 based EPMA with four channels for WDS analysis along with an EDS detector. EPMA is the most accurate technique for micro-composition analysis. Both standard and standardless analyses are possible in point, line or area scan modes. Elemental mapping with high resolution can be done with both WDS and EDS techniques. Quantitative analysis of all elements from B to U is possible.


  • laB6 gun provides the best combination of beam stability and resolution.
  • Range of elements:B to U.
    Accelerating voltage:0.2 to 30kV.
  • Probe current:10-12 to 10-5 nA.
    Probe current stability:+/-0.05%/h.
  • SE Image Resolution:5nm
  • WDS wavelength detection:0.087 to 9.3nm
  • Four channels ensure fast analysis for multicomponent alloys and minerals