Electrochemical Instrumentation

Our objective behind this program is to train academic and industry people form basic electronics to research grade instrumentation. Our course starts form introduction to basic electronic components and it covers digital , analog circuitry. It becomes more interesting with our practical hands on sessions and minor , major projects. We also provide best platform for industrial electronics which covers PCB designing, raspberry pi, PLC with Scada and industrial motors.

Our special attention goes on laboratory grade instruments which has a great potential in developing country like India. We do it in best possible way in collaboration with electrochemical and reaction engineering lab IIT Kanpur.


Course Information

This course brings the opportunity to learn instrumentation basics and face real world challenges in the field of instrumentation.
We specifically focus on electrochemical instrumentation which has become key for electrochemical experimentation.
We cover several fields in this course:

  • Basic electronics
  • Analog circuits
  • Opamp basics and applications
  • Digital circuits
  • Intercommunication between devices
  • Data acquisition basics and application
  • Sensors basics and applications


  • Experience with different type of electronic components and their measurement methods
  • Electronic circuits with diode
  • Making complete power supply for instruments
  • Experiments with opamp (opamp as an amplifier, opamp as a voltage follower, opamp as a current follower, opamp as level shifter, adder circuit with opamp)
  • Basic potentiostat analog circuit with opamps
  • Experiments with Arduino Kit to understand digital basics
  • Experiments with Arduino kit to understand intercommunication between electronic devices
  • Experiment of ADC (analog to digital conversion) and DAC (digital to analog conversion)
  • Temperature sensor reading with 10 bit/12 bit ADC