Electroless Plating


  • Electroless Plating

    Electroless plating is the deposition of a metal or alloy onto a metal or nonmetal substrate without the use of an electrical current.The electroless plating process utilizes an autocatalytic chemical reaction to deposit a reliable, repeatable coating of uniform thickness.

  • Need

    • Independent of substrate:
      With this plating method one can achieve plating on metallic as well as nonmetallic Objects.
    • Energy saving and cost effective:
      As the name implies this process goes on without any need of electricity. Electricity Consumption is one of the biggest problem in present electroplating processes.
    • High plating rate:
      High plating rate can be achieved as this process doesn’t depend on flow of current In system. Here plating rate is achieved by controlling concentration of chemicals and Physical, chemical properties of plating solution.
  • Why choose us

    We Provide wide range of R & D ,industrial solutions in electroless plating. We have deep research experience in electroless plating which has been developed in collaboration with electrochemical and reaction engineering lab at IIT Kanpur over the years.
    We provide electroless plating solutions in Ni, Cu, Ag, Au, Cr, Pd plating. Our expertise includes plating of alloys which is the biggest demand of upcoming industry.

  • Key Services

    • Nickel electroless plating
    • Copper electroless plating
    • Silver electroless plating
    • Gold electroless plating
    • Ni-P Alloy electroless plating
    • Ni-Cu Alloy electroless plating
    • Ag-Cu Alloy electroless plating
    • Chrome electroless plating

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  • Our Expertise

    Our expertise includes electroless plating of metals and alloys. We are the only organization in India providing quality industrial level Alloy electrolss plating solutions. Our Alloy electroless plating includes following services:

    • Ni-P Plating
    • Ni-Cu Plating
    • Ag-Cu Plating

    It makes your customers and clients feel special when your business card is unique.

    Yes, we create uniqueness in your business card by plating it with precious metals like silver and gold. Our key business card solutions include:

    • Silver plated business cards with metallic text
    • Gold plated business cards with metallic text
    • Silver plated business cards with engraved text
    • Gold plated business cards with engraved text

R & D Facilities

  • R & D Facilities

    We help industries to achieve most economical and productive procedure to achieve their production. We provide several R & D facilities to analyze and reverse engineer their electroless plating process in collaboration with IIT Kanpur electrochemical & reaction engineering lab:

    • XRD Analysis
    • SEM Analysis
    • Hardness Testing