Electrode plays an important role in performance of electrochemical reactions. Electrochemical industries have huge concern over electrode performance. A well characterized electrode and electro catalyst brings outstanding performance.Few electrode characterization methods are explained below.

Electrode characterization methods and their need:

Electrode surface characterization

This method gives us all the information related to electrode surface like surface area, surface activity. A good electrode should have larger surface area and activity to enhance surface reactions.We provide following tools for this characterization:

  • Cyclic voltammetry
  • Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy

Electrode stability analysis

An electrode should be stable and durable during electrochemical enough. In industries it becomes necessary for electrodes to be stable and durable in current working conditions form economical point of view. For this characterization we provide following tools

  • Chronoamperometery
  • Chronopotentiometry

Catalytic activity analysis

Most important factor in electrode preparation is catalyst deposited on it. Its important to analyze the activity of catalyst used for specific application. Following tools are made available

  • Rotating disk voltammetry
  • Linear sweep voltammetry

Elemental composition analysis

Sometimes it is needed to check elemental composition of catalyst and electrode material. This is an important tool to reverse engineer your experiments. Following tools are available

  • X-ray diffraction analysis
  • SEM analysis

We provide all standard electrode and electro catalyst characterization facilities which really help industries and research institutes to enhance the performance of electrochemical process. Our characterization services include:

  • Electrode surface characterization
  • Electrode stability analysis
  • Catalytic activity analysis
  • Elemental composition analysis

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We provide complete testing and characterization solution for electrodes by using standard instruments and methods. We have deep experience in electrochemical analysis methods. We have worked on several projects which include electrode characterization for oxygen evolution reactions, hydrogen generation etc.

R & D Facilities

  • X-ray diffraction analysis
  • SEM analysis
  • Electrochemical workstation


We serve high end solution for electrochemical testing and characterization for electrodes. Our analysis ranges from micro to nano level characterization. Our expertise includes electrochemical characterization of hydrogen evolution electrodes and oxygen evolution electrodes.

Efficient electrode design and characterization for water splitting reaction

This project includes the designing aspects of efficient oxygen evolution electrode. Key features includes: Highly stable covalent bonding based coating. Drastic increment in electrode performance. Corrosion resistant to substrate. Structural characterization includes scanning electron microscopy. Electrochemical characterization includes cyclic voltammetry of designed electrode.