Electrochemical techniques have evolved rapidly in recent years, with computer-controlled instrumentation. There are various extremely important electrochemical processes in both nature and industry. So we provide an open platform to learn and explore basics of electrochemistry to use it in real world problems.

The objective of this training program is to remove the mystery from practical electrochemistry with the help of a balanced programme of lectures and hands-on experiments. The course team has many years of experience running short courses of this type, and the course has been designed to be suitable for scientists who wish to use electro- chemical electro analytical and methods in a broader context than just academic research.

Electrochemistry Training

Course Information

This training program will cover all basic electrochemistry topics. This program is really helpful for students as well as researchers who are getting in the field of electrochemistry. Following topics will be explored:

  • Introduction and application of electrochemistry
  • Electrochemical series basics and applications
  • Electrochemical cells
  • Introduction to potential
  • Reference electrode
  • Introduction to electrochemical instruments
  • Battery
  • Fuel cell
  • Electrochemical analysis methods
  • Cyclic voltammetry
  • Linear sweep voltammetry


  • Introduction to lab instruments
  • Electrochemical series related experiments
  • Preparing salt bridge
  • Preparing galvanic cell and analyse it
  • Experiments with standard Ag/AgCl reference electrode
  • PH measurement basics and experiments
  • Hands on session with self developed electrochemical workstation
  • Experimenting basic electrochemical methods (CV and LSV)
  • Preparing electrolytic capacitor
  • Exposure of standard fuel cell and visualizing its working