Development of low cost Ag/AgCl reference electrode

There is a requirement of reference electrode for most of the electrochemical analysis methods. It’s a necessary accessory for researchers to perform most of the electrochemical reactions. Ag/AgCl reference electrode is most common and applicable one due to its high stability and easy maintenance. But it has been a big challenge for students and new researches to start their electrochemical analysis with this as standard Ag/AgCl reference electrode is not available at affordable cost in market.

Our research objective is to promote young researchers and students to develop their own low cost Ag/AgCl reference electrode. It is really helpful for newly established laboratories to use these low cost accessories and start their research successfully.

Key features:

  • Can be prepared by using general items available in any chemical or other related lab
  • Only 20 minutes are needed to prepare enough number of electrodes
  • Easy and standard calibration methods are also available