About Kanopy

We are the leading experts of electro-chemistry and nanotechnology. Our team includes experienced professors of the most renowned technological institute of India. In electrochemical science and engineering, we provide solutions in electrocatalysis and electrochemical process engineering. Expert areas are that of electrochemical instrumentation, multiscale simulation and electrochemical reaction engineering. In nanotechnology, we are experts of nanofluidics and nanofabrication technologies including click-chemistry, and nanolithography. We are heavily equipped with the state-of-art laboratories and techniques, including published papers and patents.


Kanopy provides innovative technologies working collectively to support design and development of wide range of tools, including laboratory-grade instruments, prototypes to validate proof of concepts, software applications, efficient business management solutions. We also assist institutions by conducting training programs and lecture series.
We envision quality implementation of creative ideas and refined technological schemes to simplify processes in diverse sectors of industry and academy. The modern world is rapidly changing and coming up with new technologies which are more reliable, effective, and cleaner than existing ones. The extra edge lies in getting command and deploy such schemes at economic scales to shape the world into a better place.


Our team includes highly experienced & dedicated people from multidisciplinary backgrounds. Our research & development is strengthened by faculties (Dr. Raj Ganesh S. Pala & Dr. Sri Sivakumar) & Ph.D. scholars from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. Founding members also include IIT Kanpur alumnus & researcher. Kanopy team work collectively to resolve real world challenges & come up with best solutions in respective fields.